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Adam Schrack in the long black coat. Steam engine that upset in 1908, at Peter Ulrich's Mill and Sawmill pit. (On the right side past John Henne's to Strausstown. Where Calvin(?) Bender lives.) (Ulrich was Mary Nagle's father or Emma's grampa).
Standing L - R: 1. William Schaeffer (Curt's grandfather), 2. Joel Dietrick, 3. Loyd Himmelberger, 4. Daniel Burkey, 5. Mr. Paulus (Jacob or Thomas?), 6 William Derr, 7. Samuel Rissmiller, 8. Michael Holtzman, 9. Jared Miller, 10. Daniel Riegel, 11. Mr. Dietrich (Isaac or John?), 12. John Kline, 13. John Lash, 14. Harvey Staley, 15. John Himmelberger (Curt's grandfather), 16. Mr. Palus (Jacob or Thomas?), 17. Adam Schrack.
On engine: 18. Israel Zerbe.
Blurred: 19. Peter Ulrich.
At tree: 20. William Stoudt.

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