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Preserving Your Cherished Memories

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This very old image was in an oval frame with a convex piece of glass. The backing did not allow the image to be removed for scanning. A dozen shots of the image with all different lighting sources were taken, including no man-made lighting. After comparing all the images, the two that were chose to start from had lighting issues at opposite ends. These images were combined to take the best of each. However, there were still many areas needing meticulous attention to restoration; for example, even when the lamp was turned off, the lamp shade remains clearly visible over his right leg, also all images show the stair way reflecting on the right side of the glass and the stair ceiling above that, and the window in his right arm. There were many other small things that could not be repaired from other images, but needed removal by hand-creating restoration from scratch. Also, the wall paper was removed and changed to a dark color that complimented the image without distraction.
Do you have an image impossible to scan, difficult to photograph? If so, please ask us for suggestions on digitizing it. We're here to help.