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Preserving Your Cherished Memories

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L-R, front: Peter Charles, Justin Brazil, Leah and Sean DuPont, Swainee Rosario (later Dellaquila), Bambi Tannibaum (later Kaan, in pink) and Matt Opanowitz (purple tie). Middle: Nicole Charles (blue), Amber Montieth (black), Marchet Delancy (indian brown), Heather Allem (black), Eric and Mece Clark (maroon velvet), Steph and Les Bartek (behind Mece and Beverly), Beverly Schockler (green), Jen Rekuc (brown), Laura Aversano, (blue). Back: Carla Thompson, Roseann Gibbins, Melissa Ofori, Alyssa Byrd, Alice Rosario, Jessica and Bryan Gaughan, Yakini Cooley, Kelly Lara, Bob and Jane Colabaugh.

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